Meet Maria

Maria Maio boasts over 30 years of experience in beauty and Aesthetics. Her career began in earnest when she was presented with the opportunity to work with Celebrity Makeup Artist Eve Pearl on her book publication, Plastic Surgery Without The Surgery: The Miracle of Makeup. Eve became a mentor to Maria, and, under her tutelage, Maria’s talents blossomed. Soon, Eve hired Maria to work on the ABC TV hit show, "The View,” which launched Maria's accomplished career in film and television.

Maria has worked on numerous productions and has a growing celebrity clientele: men and women personalities alike retain her for red carpet events, from New York to Los Angeles. She has worked with stars like Mariah Carey, Hilary Duff, and Kelly Ripa, and on shows like Boardwalk Empire, Homeland and Younger.

Having also worked in Plastics, Dermatology and Ophthalmology, her clients often seek her advice on the latest procedures and surgical options. Maria has spent countless hours working closely with some of the best doctors in the country, assisting with minor procedures and learning about surgical and non-surgical enhancements and interventions, she has yielded a broad and versatile skill set. Her passion for beauty knows no bounds and feeds a ceaseless thirst for knowledge, exploration, and mastery in her field.

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