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"I met Maria 15 years ago. Her clinical knowledge combined with her eye for all things beautiful sets her apart from the average 'surgery scheduler' or liaison. She was with me every step of the way, helping me navigate this very scary process. I share this testimonial with immense gratitude for her kindness and expertise."
Tiffany S.
"Maria is pure gold! I spent years (and more money than I care to think about) trying desperately to treat my acne and scarring. Maria helped me find a provider that was able to provide life changing results. I look better than I ever have! Thank you for everything!!!"
Lindsay W.
"I am a Celebrity Makeup Artist and work in film and television in New York . It’s a well known fact in our union that Maria is the “Go-To Girl” for emergency dermatological and plastic surgery interventions. One of my clients developed a large cyst during production that needed immediate attention. Maria had one of her doctors that she works with regularly come to set and treat the star of our show. She really saved the production. In an effort to protect the clients anonymity I unfortunately cannot sign my name to this testimonial."
Client 'X'
"Here’s what everyone should know about Maria Maio, she’s honest, warm and kind. Maria will insure that you aren’t sold products or procedures that you don’t need. She saved me thousands of dollars before my wedding! thanks to her I looked flawless on my big day."
Lindsay W.
"Maria saved me! I was about to book a procedure that I knew very little about. My friend suggested I call Maria and speak to her first. I’m glad I did. She went to my consultation with me, which made me feel so much better I was a nervous wreck! The doctor she matched me up with was wonderful and was able to provide a non surgical procedure saving me thousands! She’s the fairy godmother of beauty! I can’t say enough about her and my experience!"
Francessca C.
"I’m very happy with my facelift results. Maria found an incredible surgeon for me. She’s the best!"
Candace M.
"So many people claim to be beauty experts Maria IS a beauty expert. I did not feel I could articulate exactly what I wanted until I met her. I had several issues that I needed to address. Because of her vast knowledge and her impressive list of providers, I feel whole again!"
Amanda P.

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